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I read and read. I’ve mentioned this a zillion times and I’ve actually slated a post for 5MFGG on my top five green reads for beginners.  One of the books on this list is, Eco Kids by, Dan Chiras.  I downloaded the book from EcoBrain and have spent time reading it on my laptop in bed, it’s been wonderful.  The book has really motivated me to do more with my kids and think about how I can raise them to be environmentally aware.  The author, Dan Chiras, writes a honest and revealing story about how he came to be more aware of sustainability and what appealed to me the most is how he admits to it being a process.  I completely identify with this and have gone through a process myself but would like to help my children go through a process by educating them and being a role model to them.  With my educational background I know that children learn from example and this book provides many great examples.

Eco Kids isn’t another book that lectures on the horrible environmental situation and how we are doomed if we don’t do this or that.  The book is refreshing and stimulating.  Yes, the book has environmental facts that make you realize why you need to raise “Eco Kids” but they aren’t threatening you, like some books I’ve read.  The author does a good job at pointing out ways we can raise children to be earth friendly by having a greenier holiday, detoxing our children from commericals and television. Helping them to connect with nature and appreciate Mother Earth.  First and foremost, being a role model.

I especially appreciated the author reminding me that children cannot understand global warming or pollution if we do not help teach them empathy or ecology. The terms are abstract and hard for adults to understand fully, let alone a four year old.  Yet, a young children can empathize and learn to appreciate the circle of life.

This is one of those books that all moms and parents should read. It gives you concreate examples and ideas but it also reminds you to connect with your child and help them to connect with nature. It helps you understand why you should raise your children to be more eco-savvy but also how you can help them appreciate the Earth go through the process of being a “green” kid.  The book is easy to download from EcoBrain and don’t forget the EcoBrain e-book club. We’re discussing this great read right now!

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  1. Thanks for a great book review! I can’t wait to check it out. I’m constantly looking for great books w/ideas for raising eco-conscious kids in fun ways that involve them. I’m also heading over to check out EcoBrain, since I have no idea what it’s about!

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