I love it when I come across a person that starts a company for the same reasons I did, to clean safer and more natural. To help people and the environment. To educate.  Robin Levine is a woman I can relate to. She has started a company called, Eco-Me to provide 100% natural kits for the home, body, baby and pet. A woman who made the connection between health and toxic chemicals. Who had a concern and was done with accepting conventional harmful cleaners. Robin Levine was motivated by a personal story and so many of us are. The greatest part about her company is this word “natural” is actually just that and not a marketing word used to create buzz.

How do I know this and how will you know this?  Each kit that is purchased for either the home, body, pet or baby comes with what you need to create a natural cleaner but YOU bring the natural ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, water, baking powder or olive oil. We all have these ingredients and can buy them organic if we want. The making your own cleaning products and knowing how much, what essential oil to use and how to combine them to be effective is the part that leaves most of us scratching our heads. Easier to just go and buy the premade baby wipes body scrub. Eco-Me eliminates the guess work and makes everything simple and a busy mom loves the word, simple

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I have personally mixed, cleaned with and tried the Eco-Me Home Kit, Baby Kit and Dog Kit along with the body scrub. Oh, my, my have I been having fun and now my daughters bum is wiped with home made wipes and my dog Rex has a natural flea spray and shampoo powder. The body scrub is scrumptious and my skin is naturally smooth and I felt good knowing I contributed to making the safe product to use on my body. That’s a good feeling! I know now from experience that the cleaning solutions, mixtures and kits are not only natural but effective. Another word a busy mom loves, effective.

Eco-Me would like to give one Green and Clean Mom reader the opportunity to clean natural with an Eco-Me home kit. Wanna get your Eco on an win this kit?  I’ll give you a few chances but remember if you do three of the things you have to leave three different comments!  Here it goes…

1.  Leave me a comment sharing your favorite Eco-Me tip from this page, click here.

2.  Blog about this great company, their products, talk about their tips, whatever but link back to Green and Clean Mom telling the world you heard about these products here and this is where you can win a kit.

3.  Give me a stumble, thumbs up!

4. Tweet about this contest and @greenmom me to let me know you did so.

5.  Leave me a comment with your favorite natural home-made gotta have cleaner, baby product, dog remedy or body product.

Giveaway begins, September 17, 2008 and ends September 24, 2008. CLOSED! Remember to check out the official Green and Clean Mom rules.

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*Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your carpets, let sit for 10 minutes before vacuuming. Baking Soda will deodorize and absorb odors.

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