I have never, ever refurbished anything in my life. I’ve told my husband that I wanted to use an old wooden crib and he sanded it and painted it – so I’ve had refurbished items in my home but here is the truth: I’m lazy. In theory I want to do it and I want to make something old look really cool and fit my home and be unique but then I just go to Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, surf the web or head to Pier One. I admire antiques but I feel intimidated for some reason and walk through the stores, antique fairs and browse EBay but I leave with nothing. I actually think of items in my storage or basement I can sell verses make over or refurbish.

Refurbishing = Cool Reusing. I’m into reusing items and getting creative but this is not my strong “R”. This is where I’m a wee bit more eco-challenged but I’ve been inspired by @ecofabulous and the eBay Green Team. Inspired to maybe give it a try but to a) encourage and learn from you b) embrace that I help others reuse when I do resale, eBay and the yard/garage sale (I have one every year).

Thrifty and Green = Reusing.

When we reuse or resale items verses buying new it saves us money but it also helps us to keep items out of the landfill, from being transported across the country or World and in many cases we can do this locally or through online classifieds and auction sites.  Don’t forget it means fewer resources used to produce a new item! The idea of breathing friendly comes to mind when I think of items that are new and off gas VOC’s but when we buy resale we’re bringing less toxic stuff into our home. Of course, you have to consider lead and be cautious of soft goods and as @selfishmom pointed out bed bugs. I never considered the bed bugs and it makes me itch just typing the words but we have to be practical and recognize it is something worth considering. I was informed that to help combat this issue you can buy items locally and inspect them first and there are websites out there to help you detect these little bugs and see if your item has been infested.

Landfills Happen.

Yup, some items cannot be reused or recycled and that is just the way it is but we can keep as much out of the landfills as possible.  To do this we have to think before we toss. Ask yourself if you can reuse it, donate it, make some money reselling the item or recycle it. If you are not sure about if it can be recycled or donated because of the #CPSIA, recalls or you community recycling program capabilities visit these websites for more information:

Resale/Reuse Challenge.

I’m going to challenge myself and hopefully you to make some changes and think resell and resale. I’m about baby steps so this is not going to be a jump into the deep end without a life preserver. I’m going to take the eBay green team challenge and a bonus is that by joining the challenge I’m entered to win $10,000! For real so make sure you get on board for the month of April in honor of Earth Day!

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