Summertime is a super busy time of year for my family. It’s the busiest season for my husband at work and that means long hard hours and very few days off. After a hard week of work comes weekend projects, weddings, graduation parties, BBQ’s and trying to fit some R&R in.  It’s just crazy from June through September. Come cooler evenings our life winds down and we’re ready to get away and relax before we have to hunker down for the winter snow plowing and storms we endure.

My problem this fall is I need to look for a resort or vacation destination that is “green”. Are there many options out there and what kind of family specials do they run?  I found Sandles and Beach Resorts and they’re having a wonderful fall promotion plus they’ve been awarded the Green Globe Award for environmental stewardship! I scored twice!

My family can choose to have a Caribbean vacation knowing we’re going to a resort that respects human resources and is environmentally responsible.  Meaning they conserve energy and water, protect and respect the local resources, have a recycling and waste management program and limit hazardous waste and chemicals. This is more than most resorts or vacation spots offer in the way of being environmentally friendly!

I’m very excited to think I can save up to 45% off on my fall vacation and have some down time with the family.  The resorts offer many great amenities, I can’t wait to utilize (if the hubby can be talked into this trip) such as the spa!!!  They offer babysitting services too but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this yet. Now I have to decide which resort I want to visit and how long I can talk my husband into going for.  If he says he can’t escape maybe I can make it a girlfriend’s vacation week? Wouldn’t that be fun? Anyone want to come?

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