eco_logoandtagAs a mom running in a million directions juggling the kids, home, work, client emails, instant messages, travel, the pesky but adorable dog and the worries of the world and not so great economy – I forget stuff.  It’s easy to do and when it comes to going green and helping the planet there are lots of things that aren’t so great to forget. Such as turning the lights off, unplugging appliances, using less toilet paper, not using water while brushing my teeth and the list goes on.

The most adorable mom ever (beside me) has created this simple and effective way to help remind us. The company is called Ecominders and they make environmental stickers that are removable and reusable to help us save the planet. My son loves the school and kids packages because the pictures are so cute. He actually remembers stuff because of the stickers. Teachers this is perfect for your classrooms this Earth Day and every day.

Better late than never to annouce the five winners! Cathy, Marianna,  Jenni, Rebecca and Carla you have won some Ecominders! Congrats!

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