Kelly The Kitchen Kop recently posted this great post with some more insight on who she was behind the screen and she tagged me. I’m actually really bad when people do this to me because I hardly return the favor (so maybe you shouldn’t tag me) but I decided that this was a good opportunity to share some more about me. Kim Woodbridge just did a post like this on some secre(ish) thing about herself and I really enjoyed learning more about her so maybe you’d feel the same way?

Eight Things That I’m Looking Forward To

1.  Warm air and green grass. I live where it snows too many months out of the year but really I long for green grass, sunshine and warmth. I don’t like being cold.

2.  Seeing my son learn to ski next week. He’s four and taking a week of ski lessons at a local resort. I’m looking forward to giving him this experience and hoping he catches on and enjoys it. I was never taught to ski until college, when going from the bar to the slope isn’t a safe or wise idea. Luckily, I lived.

3.  The day after Christmas. I know, Christmas morning is supposed to be exciting and something I look forward to but it’s the day after where there is some normalcy that I like the best. The hustle and bustle is over and now I get to relax and just enjoy watching the children play with their toys. If you are like me you bust your tail to play Santa and get everything for everyone else and then on Christmas day you get, nothing. Oh, maybe some lotions with a gross scent. Does anyone know me at all?

4.  New Years. I’ll get to see family and friends that I miss dearly. My children will play with their cousins and I’ll be in a warm and safe environment with those dearest to me ringing in the New Year.

5.  Another year with Green and Clean Mom, LLC. Last January I launched the site from Blogger to WordPress and in my first year I have made a profit, seen my page rank increase and broke under the top 200,000 on Alexa. Where will the next year take me?

6.  Blogher O9 in Chicago. I’m working hard to find sponsorship (hint, hint), save money and attend this bash of an event. I am treating it very much as business. I want to meet bloggers I haven’t met but whose blogs I read faithfully. I want to network and learn everything I can to take Green and Clean Mom even further on the web.

7.  Getting back into my skinny jeans! Seriously, I’ve put on a few pounds and have just let it slide. I know how it happened too. I ate too much. Duh!

8.  A night out with just my husband. Someday this will happen and until then I’ll just look forward to it.

    Eight Things On My Wish List

    I could play Miss America and wish for World Peace but don’t we all want that? This is a jumbled list of wishes and it could go on forever but here’s just eight of my endless wishes.

    1.  A day at the Spa. I love getting a massage and just relaxing. No computer, Blackberry…nothing. Just me and my thoughts and sometimes I don’t think about anything.

    2.  An I Pod so I can record my favorite pod casts and listen to them on the go.

    3.  The Ford Flex– hey it’s my wish list!

    4.  A outdoor compost tumbler. I don’t want to walk to the bottom of my hill to compost.

    5.  I wish for the job rate in Michigan to improve. It’s sad here with so many companies laying off or moving to other states.

    6.  Cost of organic food goes down because more people are voting with their dollar and buying it.

    7.  Schools in Michigan would all begin to adopt toxic free policies and have healthier school lunches. I’d like this Nationally for all children.

    8.  A green thumb. I kill plants. I just don’t have the gardening knack but wish I did.

      Eight TV Shows That I Watch

      I hardly actually watch television but I record a lot of shows and someday hope to have the time to sit down and watch them. I like to catch up when folding laundry.

      1.  NBC Today Show

      2.  Grey’s Anatomy

      3.  The Practice

      4.  Army Wives

      5.  Brothers and Sisters

      6.  Guiding Light (hey, I grew up with this show on so it’s just a sense of normalcy for me)

      7.  Big Love

      8. Discovery Green

        Eight Things That I Did Yesterday (I did more than eight…don’t we all)

        1.  Changed diapers

        2.  Laundry – three loads and folded (they aren’t put away, what’s the point)

        3.  Gymnastics, lunch with the kids, the grocery store and took son to preschool.

        4.  Wrote three posts, read a dozen blogs, tweeted, worked on a new project proposal for a company, worked on spreadsheets for two companies I am working for and did some stumbling.

        5.  Wrapped a few gifts and panicked because I still have a gift to mail.

        6.  Took a shower and brushed my teeth.

        7.  Browsed through the Newspaper but it depressed me.

        8.  Went to bed before 10 pm (that’s a record) feeling like I might have the flu or some nasty bug.

          I’m not going to “tag” anyone but I’d love to read more about some of my favorite bloggers and if you’re so inspired to do this, let me know so I can read and comment.

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