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A few weeks ago I was attempting to buy eco-friendly promotional material and wanted to find BPA free snack cups. My “day job” doesn’t ordinarily coincide with Green and Clean Mom but there are times when I recognize that this brand I’ve created is indeed me and I’m genuinely concerned about BPA and chemicals and in good faith and conscious it comes out – I can’t help it!

Well, the lady informed me that BPA was a scam and when the activists calm down there won’t be a need to pay a higher price for BPA Free products. My eyebrow raised but I bit my tongue; I wanted to hear more. I was then informed that really it is just products with color that have BPA and if it is clear than I am safe. If I do not heat a product – ever; I am safe from this scam called BPA.  Note: I think my face was red but I’ve heard all of this before.

Now, I was not there to argue about BPA and both ladies were very convinced that BPA was a scam and they had lost a great deal of money because of abandoned promotional materials in stock so I’m thinking they were upset. Instead, I gracefully gave the manager my Green and Clean Mom business card (one clue) but also made a few comments on what BPA is really about but it is best to know I am the activist and we aren’t going away.

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I drove away and realized that there are still too many myths about BPA. Even with recent new in Science News and more studies being done, an increase in consumer demand for BPA free product and the facts on the table…people role their eyes and we still have BPA. It baffles me.

What I know from my research is that it doesn’t have to do with one chemical but the vast majority we are exposed to and the long term effect it has over time. Is it BPA we need to do battle with or perhaps eliminating the majority of the chemicals and the acceptance that even when we alter one toxic chemical it impacts our health? After reading Science News it is very clear from just one little study what the removal or addition of one chemical, such as BPA, can do. In this case, students drank from stainless steel bottles for one week and then canned BPA beverages the next week; an increase of 69% was seen in the concentration of BPA found in the student urine.

This is just one example but there have been other studies on how long BPA lingers in the body or pesticides when children eat organic food – our children are impacted, even when we make one positive change. If you simply begin with making one switch to organic milk or maybe hormone free and antibiotic free meats you are making a difference. Believe what you will about BPA but these studies are proving that eliminating the chemical can indeed make a healthy impact on your life.

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