What is the best gift you can give a kid? A book. Educating your child, teaching them life lessons and spending quality time with them is priceless. My daughter fell in love with books at only a few months old. She loved the bright colors, the textures and the cuddle time on my lap. While the books content has changed her desire to read them with me has not. She has two book shelves full of her favorite books and she already quizzes me on what an author and a publisher does; she’s only 3. Regardless if your child is a reader or non-reader they will love Dream Me Up Books. For parents who want to get their kids interested in reading this is a great way to do it.

Dream Me Up books are a Personalized story books. Depending on what book you pick the book will include your child or your child’s favorite teddy bear, blanket, stuffed animal, etc. All you have to do is pick a book, add your pictures and order. Stacey Kaye, CMO of Dream Me Up Books and award winning children’s author, believes adding personalization to the content will resonate strongly with kids and capture their attention. Isn’t this the truth!

Not only are the books adorable and made personal but they send a good message to the kids. For example, “My Teddy Bear Protects the Planet” is designed to educate and motivate toddlers to go green. The book features the child’s teddy bear demonstrating simple ways to protect the planet such as recycling food packages, picking up litter and turning off the faucet while brushing teeth. “My Stuff Toy Plays Sports” shows your child’s favorite toy on every page playing sports which promotes staying active and how working out is fun and good for you. If you think your kid would love a book which stars them you will love “Bryleigh Explores Different Jobs” (insert your child’s name for the title). This book talks about all different career opportunities such as a firefighter, florist, doctor, musician, the President and more. Your child is shown working in each field, it’s adorable. My daughter loves this book and was so surprised to see herself as the leading character.

These books are a great present and keep sake for family, friends and your little one at home. Not only do these books promote imagination, personalization, exploration and education but they are also eco-friendly. The paper used to construct the books is FSC certified and produced using natural wind power. The hardcover board is FSC recycled and made of 100% recovered paper, plus the books are manufactured using non-toxic inks and 100% wind energy. I have to admit, I was curious as to whether the product would be of good quality or just look cheesy and I was not disappointed. This is a great all around product. I hope everyone enjoys their book as much as we enjoy ours.

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