Loose Leaf Tea – Trying new teas from Adagio tea

I have always liked tea. My great-grandmother used to take me out to a Chinese restaurant in Toledo, Ohio and she insisted I drank green tea. I enjoyed it and have the fondest memories drinking tea with my grandma. Most of the tea I drink nowadays comes in tea bags (not a shocker seeing that 95% of tea sales in the U.S. are tea bags) and I drink it for many reasons.

  • Tea for sore throats with honey
  • Tea with chamomile, when I cannot sleep
  • Fruity tea at work with lemon because it’s so good
  • Hot tea for congestion (I might add a shot of whisky and lemon, don’t tell)
  • Ginger tea for an upset belly

I’ve only had loose leaf tea at a local spa and I loved it. After learning about the history of tea bags and that not all tea bags are created equal, I was intrigued to learn about loose-leaf tea.  When Adagio tea contacted me and asked me to try their teas, I said yes. My son and I both enjoy a cup of tea. (I guess I passed on my tea drinking to him.) I was excited to learn more about loose-leaf tea, how to make it and the different varieties and tastes. Seeing that I don’t like instant coffee, I figured I’d soon become a loose-leaf tea fan.

Expand your knowledge of teas with Adagio Teas

Here is what I’ve come to discover about Adagio Tea

  • It is delicious. Over the last month or so, I’ve tried several different teas and flavors and I’ve learned, I’m a white tea fan. There are many different types of tea and though I like a green tea, my favorite is white tea. I especially liked the white blueberry tea.
  • My second favorite tea is an herbal tea. I loved the watermelon cooler. My son prefers the peppermint tea.
  • I’m still learning how to brew the perfect cup of tea. I’ve discovered that I was making my tea a little too hot. I like a white tea and that should be made at a lower temperature. I’m still experimenting.
  • The IngenuiTea is a lifesaver. Put the tea leaves in and add hot water. So EASY! Watch the video here.

  • Tea has so many health benefits. I knew that tea was good for you BUT the list is longer than I imagined. Depression, allergies, sleeping issues and so much more!
  • There is a tea of the month club. If you love tea, this is perfect because you can try new blends and teas each month. Who knew?
  • If you’re new to tea, you can begin with a getting starter kit. I highly recommend this if you are a newbie.
  • If you are a tea pro, you can try tea samplers. So maybe you love berry-flavored tea, for example, you can try a sampler pack of loose-leaf berry flavored tea before you commit to one particular flavor. I like this.
  • I’m not an ice tea fan but my husband and son are.

I feel like tea is a lot like drinking wine. You need to learn about where it comes from, how to serve it, store it, where to buy it, what to eat with it and that not all wines or teas are the same. There is a wide variety of flavors and preferences. It is a learning curve but I’m loving experimenting with Adagio Tea and luckily my son is enjoying it too. If you’re a tea lover, I highly recommend trying Adagio Tea.

Share with me, what is your favorite type of tea or preparation tips? Do you have a favorite food pairing with tea?

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