I have a slight addiction to eye wear. I can’t help it. I love having different frame options and colors. I need my glasses to see and I’m not a fan of contacts – I’ve tried twice.

When you wear glasses every day, all day – it can be boring.

I didn’t want it to be boring.

This is how my collection started and continues to grow, much to the displeasure of my husband because prescription eye wear is not cheap, not cheap at all! The most expensive part is when my prescription changes. Not cool.

I do have two favorite brands: Fysh and Kliik. They’re fun and the frames are very comfortable to wear. I cannot say enough about these two brands – other than I should work for them because I love them so much! In fact every time I wear them I get compliments.

Would you be surprised if I told you that when I travel my carry-on usually has up to five pairs of glasses in it, I would never pack them in my checked bag! Gasp! People expect to see me in different glasses, I’ve become known for it. I even had a lady clip an article out of the newspaper with my photo, look me up and call me to ask where I got my glasses.

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Stalkerish, I know.coastal eye wear

Yet I was happy to talk eye wear with her and took the call as a compliment. My husband wondered if we should change our number.

Because I have this very expensive accessory addiction I’ve been happy to find Coastal. A site that I admit I spend too much time on because I can virtually try on frames to see how they look. The best part is there are over 2,000 different frames, plus sunglasses and you can order your first pair for free (from a certain collection of eye wear)!


Yes your first pair is free! Start shopping today folks and don’t blame me if you end up with a rack in your bathroom like me.

I made the mistake of trying transitions for the first time when I ordered these smokin’ hot frames. I’m not a transition fan needless to say.

So yes, my name is Sommer and I’m addicted to eye wear. Feel free to send me samples, hire me or let me pimp your eye wear brand. #justsaying

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