Is it just me or are people online becoming more rude? It’s as though the computer screen gives some people permission to be jerks. From trash talking, to leaving nasty comments in so called private forums people seem to forget their “table” manners. Being nice goes a long ways! My grandmother always used to say sugar goes farther than salt. True, how very true!

There are still online etiquette rules that people should follow or try to abide by, in my humble opinion. Like Facebook, for example:

  • Don’t Spam Offers – yeah I know people can make money spamming affiliate offers on Facebook – but I will delete you from my friends right away.  Feel free to share affiliate links, but don’t shove them down my throat.
  • No All Caps – This seems to be a pattern doesn’t it.  When online, keep your caps lock off.
  • Do Not Invite Me to Apps – I guess once in a while I don’t mind, but please don’t invite me to every app you decide to use.  I don’t care what song was #1 on my birthday, and I don’t care who has been looking at my profile.  Please, pleeeeeeaaaase don’t ask me to join anything with “Ville” in the title.
  • Ask a Question Once – The new poll feature on Facebook is handy, but if you have already asked me the question, or see I have already answered, then don’t ask again.
  • No Pokes – I cannot wait until they remove this feature.  I never check my pokes and hate having to clear them.
  • Tag Pics Lightly – So we went out last night and had a blast right?  Cool, but please don’t tag me in the picture where I am standing on a cop car flipping the double bird.  Keep it classy with the tags.  If I want to tag myself in something outrageous, I will.
  • Public Facebook Wall is Not for Private Info – Have an issue with me?  Want to share some personal info…send me a message.  The Wall is no place to air dirty laundry.
  • Don’t Tag Me for Promotion – Just because I have a large friends list, doesn’t mean you can tag me in your promotional updates just to get eyeballs.  Do that even once and I may drop you.
  • Reply to Comments – You don’t have to reply to every comment you get on a post, but it is good manners to reply to questions.  It is also good business to keep a running dialogue with your followers.

And email, yes people still email:

  • Chill on Attachments – Of course you can send attachments, but if you are planning on sending one large enough to clog my email up for the next decade, please warn me so I can be prepared.  Limit attachments to 2 per email as well please.
  • Compress Attachments – Use .rar or .zip to compress your files before you send them.  It will save time, space and bandwidth. Use a file sharing system like Google Documents or Drop Box and share a link instead!
  •  Respond in a Timely Fashion – No one expects you to be sitting refreshing your mail client, but try to respond to important emails as soon as you can.
  •  Don’t Freak Out – That said, don’t freak out if you don’t get an instant response.  Don’t forget that real life exists.
  •  Don’t Reply All to a BCC – If I BCC’d you it is because I don’t want you on the list of recipients.  If you reply all, you are revealed as recipient.  I learned this the hard way when I did it to a friend…drama ensued.
  •  Don’t Overuse Reply All – So you just wanted to say thanks to the sender?  That’s nice, but the rest of us you replied to didn’t need to see it.
  •  Introduce Yourself – If it is your first time emailing someone, introduce yourself.  Don’t use this as a time to take the stage.  Be quick and concise. Don’t come off as a jerk by listing 3 paragraphs of your accomplishments.
  •  Be Careful With Privacy – Don’t mention anything in an email that could get you in trouble, or embarrass someone else.   Never know what will come back to haunt you.  This also relates back to “reply all”, don’t reply all with private information.
  • Don’t Be Fancy With the Subject – If you are working with a mailing list you can test different subjects to find the best open rate, but when you personally email please match the subject to the message.  It allows me to quickly prioritize my inbox.

So these are my tips for behaving online, specifically related to Facebook and email. What bugs you about online behavior and the bad table, I mean computer manners? Visit my private online forum and group for other articles like this related to business and blogging at SLP Connections.

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