Revenge Is

Advocating and activism seems to be a common theme this last week at Green and Clean Mom. In line with this theme would be the company Revenge Is. They make activism fashionable for adults and children. From their hybrid mug with the big “x” over disposables or the soft and fitted tees made from recycled plastic bottles declaring energy independence. The company has an edge that I can’t help but admire. Raw and ready to advocate and tell consumers to not just get mad but contact your legislators and take action.

I love my soft and recycled tee but I love seeing my son wearing his tee shirt telling the world to “Think Green”. I’ve previously raved about Revenge Is and their mission but now I can tell you I’m over the moon for this company now that they have a kids clothing line. My children are learning about telling others what they think and feel tactfully and gracefully and the Revenge Is kids t-shirts make a great statement that I’m proud to have them wear. Plus, my son loves telling everyone his shirt is made from plastic bottles!

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