Most likely this is not the father’s day post you would expect. It is about what father’s and parents should know because burying our heads in the sand will not help our daughters and sons. This is a post about chemicals, food and puberty. I see a dad and two beautiful daughters in the picture above. A dad that I’m sure wants to keep his daughters little for as long as possible, which is why I write this post.

Super sized chicken patties, super sized hamburgers from fast food chains that are pumped with chemicals to preserve them and cows that are raised to produce mass quantities for milk, canned food lined with BPA and strawberries sprayed with pesticides and shipped across the world on toxic pallets.

Our children are exposed to all of this. A recent study out of Denmark has shown girls are starting puberty as young as 9 years of age but research from 1994 the New York Times reported on hormones and estrogen like chemical causing sexual changes in animals, so the research isn’t entirely new – rather reinforcing how we ignored tell tale signs for years and continued to experiment.  In 1996 the New York Times again reported on chemicals used in Michigan being linked to early menstruation in chemicals – again, we ignored the reporting and continued on our merry way spraying chemicals, fattening kids and eating super sized foods.

As a mother of a 3 year old daughter I’m very worried about the early onset of puberty.  I’m not anxious for her brain to tell her body to release Gn-RH and then her pituitary gland to release LH and FSH, which will cause her ovaries to produce estrogen.  If this happens 6 years from now my daughter will develop breasts, grow taller, develop under arm hair, body odor and develop acne. At 9 years of age, how is the little girl supposed to know what to do with the pimples, hair and sexual feelings?

She isn’t.

It isn’t okay.

It isn’t what I want for my daughter or your daughter.

So what will we do about it?

We’ve been told Bovine growth hormones are not linked to onset puberty but this week meat has been linked to early puberty in girls. The FDA has changed their position on BPA and lead is being found in McDonald’s cups, bracelets and toys our kids play with.

Is there something you can do to prevent your daughter from starting her period at 9 years old? I really have no idea but I know when I said, please in an earlier post I’m now saying, pretty, pretty please. If our daughters start puberty earlier and earlier we’ll be faced with teen pregnancies, higher abuse rates and who know what else! Do want this as a society? I would hate for us to turn our heads away from this recent Denmark study like the ones in 1996.

Tell me, what do you think? How does this recent study make you feel and what are you doing about it?

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