Toxic toys recalls are just out of control and frankly, scary. Have we forgot that children just love to play with good old fashion boxes, sticks, stones and dirt? We had 70 degree weather this weekend and I don’t think my children played with one toy. They were outside romping around, getting dirty and exploring. It was fabulous. We learned about June bugs, lady bugs and why eating dirt and stones probably isn’t such a great idea! When we did come inside, we played with our fridge box. I was a princess (yes, I know I look lovely) and used my magic wand to whisk my children, the pirates, away from me! They just jumped in their pirate ship and sailed away. A royal good time and something we use and play with every single day. Ahh, and we can take it a part and make something else out of it!

I even took a box in to my sons preschool, like I said I would, and the kids painted the box and talked about how it was going to become a hot air ballon and they could pretend to float into the sky. I used a parachute and tacked the seams of the parachute to the ceiling. We used old rope and bunched up the four corners and tied them to each corner of the box. The children were so excited watching this box transform into a hot air balloon. Two at a time took turns going up, up and away. They helped create this and each day they get to create a story about where they go and what they see. The box is perfect for the teachers to then reuse it and turn it into a flower shop or a train. A little imagination, a recycled box that can be reused and then again composted or recycled…makes for the perfect earth day activity…everyday!!!

I have to give a shout out to, April, the founder of Fridge Box! She sent me these fridge boxes but I never asked her to. She was going out on a limb, hoping I could make a hot air ballon and get creative with it (phew, thank goodness I could). So thanks April, for hours and hours of fun!

“I see you from way up in the sky!” “That looks so cool!”

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