Guess what?  I’ve gained weight. It’s a huge disappointment and I’m so angry at myself because I worked so very hard to lose weight and to get healthy (again). It is 100% my own fault. After I ended one job and embarked on a new career path or rather revisited an old career path I had some transitions that were a bit bumpy to say the least.  My schedule was altered and my life was changing. I had to learn so much all over again and I won’t lie I really missed my job with Shaklee.  So here I am six months later and the adjustments are behind me or at least mostly behind me. I haven’t gained all my weight back but I’d say I’ve gained 15 pounds and I know exactly why it happened.

Bottom line is I consumed more calories than I burned and I did this for six months. I stopped my regular walking and exercising. I let my emotions and stress get to me and chocolate and salty food consoled me.

In the end, I’m not happy with myself and I liked who I was 15 pounds lighter and healthier. I’m human and we all go through ups and downs but learning from them is the key. I’ve made excuses and consoled my chips and treats for far too long. I’ve gone back to smoothies and my meal bars here and there but nothing permanent but enough is enough.  So I’m trading in my crappy food for what I know fuels my body and will give me energy, glowing skin and a healthier outlook on life, My Shaklee 180.

This means I need to eat one healthy meal each day that is well balanced and not Shaklee 180™ and finding healthy snacks and portioned out meals like, AngelBowls™ makes me happy. Today my breakfast was a green smoothie chalked full of protein and lunch was a roasted vegetable and goat chest gratin meal from AngelBowls™. DELICIOUS!

Finding Healthier Lunch Options #NoGMO #Vegetarian

Here is what made me love my lunch and recommend it to you:

  • One bowl was only 260 calories and it filled me up!
  • There was a creamy tomato sauce over the eggplant and it tasted amazing, like I made it from scratch myself.
  • There were no GMO ingredients and it was served in an eco-friendly bowl, no plastic!

I’m terrible at portions, which is why I love having options like AngelBowls™. It makes my lunch tasty and healthy and I’m not worried about having too many calories. If you’re looking for a great tasting lunch or dinner option I highly recommend AngelBowls™. It’s nice to having something you can have in the freezer for those busy days when cooking just isn’t an option.

Wish me luck as I try to correct my weight issue from a long six month winter where I dealt with transitions and emotions in a negative way. I know I can get back on track but your support means the world!

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample bowl from AngelBowls™ and I’m a Shaklee Distributor. My opinions, as always are my own.

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