We need to take care of ourselves. I haven’t been and over the last 8 weeks, I’ve been sick twice with sinus, respiratory and ear infections. I’ve been on two antibiotics and they’ve put me further behind in work, family and life.

Which only stresses me out more and so the cycle continues.Moms should take care of themselves.

When reflecting on this I’ve realized that I’ve put myself last – again.

I’ve stopped eating healthy, which is bad and what goes directly reflects my weight, mood and how I sleep and feel about myself.

I’ve stopped exercising regularly and put other things first, which again impacts my health and my mood.

Work and life stress has me staying up later and ultimately worrying about what I cannot control. This worry leads me to eat because I’m an emotional eater and I know this.

In the end everything suffers but mostly I do. My work isn’t what I want it to be because I’m worrying and it is distracting me. I’m not feeling good because I’m not working out like I love to do and now and I’m not eating healthy so I feel like crap and I’m grumpy.

In the end I’m suffering. I’m sick and my body knows I’ve neglected it. My mind and heart knows.

After two courses of antibiotics and sick days (which I never take) I’ve come to the realization of what I need to do.

I need to put myself on my list. I need the oxygen mask if I can really, truly help others and be who I know I am.

I need to let go of what I cannot control (which won’t be easy) and I need to not care so much about what other’s think but do what makes me happy (again, not easy for me).

A recent young and tragic death in my neck of the woods has led me to realize that yes, life is short and somewhere along the line what I used to love to do became a chore and started to annoy me and make me unhappy. Why is this? Probably because I stopped caring for myself but when your life can end so quickly shouldn’t I appreciate each breath and each day and not be so unhappy? Shouldn’t we all? Yet it seems so hard.

Can you relate?

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