In writing this post, I’m entering the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover! Good golly I need this and here’s why…

Need a sweatshirt? I have a large selection you could borrow!

The lady on the airplane asked if I was heading back to college. Yes, true story.  In first class I was asked for my ID to have a glass of wine and the gentleman behind me asked where I went to school. I’m 34 with my own business, an author of a children’s book and I travel nationally to social media conferences and board room meetings. A hooded sweatshirt and no makeup with my short blond bob just don’t reflect how I feel inside or my confidence. I am not the nanny but the mom now and I want to look like it and dress like it!

Sexy, sassy and fun – how do I dress to reflect this and embrace my new figure after losing 40 pounds and 29 inches? I’m still dressing like I’m a size 14 or 16 but I’m no longer that girl. No I’m a woman. Not a college student! I watch others board the airplane or walk through the airport. Successful business women and they dress the part and look so good. I wonder how they put that outfit together to look so nice and put together. I hide in my hooded sweatshirt.

My wardrobe is slim to none. Very few choices and only a few items actually fit or look nice. Most items don’t fit or fit the chubby girl that no longer exists.  I still shop for my old size. I am not sure how

Need an extra t-shirt? I have a few hundred of these. How about an ugly plastic head band? I can loan you a few!

to style myself. How to style my hair, what clothing to buy for a “tall” girl and accessories – oh, lord I’m an accessory disaster! Even my 5 year old daughter tries to help me and tells me to change my shoes or add a scarf! How sad.

H-E-L-P! I desperately need to win the Windows Style Makeover for a head-to-toe makeover. The celebrity consultation to help me figure out how to dress my new figure and match my personality will be life changing because I’m a total fashion nightmare most of the time and hide behind blacks, larger sizes and items not made for my body type or someone who is 34 years old! The shopping, consultation and yes, computer {sigh, my computer is on the fritz over heating} will help me to complete my transformation that began almost one year ago!

Fingers crossed!

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