Fitbit Flex Review: Telling me I don't move enough. Duh. #Health #fitness #kickinthepantsIt’s no lie, I’ve been less active since starting my teaching position with K12 as a 3rd grade teacher.  I decided I needed a kick in the pants so I bought myself a Fitbit Flex™ I decided on the flex because I didn’t want to remember to clip something on each day, the band I can sleep in, shower in and just leave on all the time unless it is charging – which takes 2 hours.

Since using the FitBit I’ve learned a few things or rather I’ve had a few things I was already well aware of me pointed out:

Fitbit Flex Review: Telling me I don't move enough. Duh. #Health #fitness #kickinthepants

  1. I don’t move enough. Yup, I already knew this but when I saw my daily tracker with so few steps it was a slap in the face. Get moving woman!
  2. I’m a crappy sleeper. Again, something I was well aware because I feel tired every single morning. I hate mornings. Now I know how many hours each night I’m sleeping, how many times I’m actually awake and Fitbit Flex Review: Telling me I don't move enough. Duh. #Health #fitness #kickinthepantsjust restless. All of it equates to me not sleeping well regardless of how many hours I lie in bed. Sleep Number may happily contact me and I’m sure I’ll benefit and they’ll score a great review. My bed sucks and my husband snores. Lord. Help. Me.
  3. My friends are more active. Friends and family that use their Fitbit and that have “friended” me through the Fitbit platform are more active than I am. I can see how many steps they take and how I’m sitting on my butt. How’s that for some motivation. Their weight and how they look better than I do directly correlate to their activity level.
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Like I said, I knew all of this before but now everything is laid out on the table and there are no excuses – unless I just don’t wear the Fitbit and refuse to admit the truth. Which some days can be tempting.

With all that being said, I’m very happy with this purchase and I’m glad I made the decision to learn more about my activity level, sleep and challenge myself to do better. Shoot, I know I can do better. Plus, it is super easy to use. Everything syncs to my phone or my kitchen computer. I’m always walking by the kitchen computer (when I’m moving and not sitting) and I almost always have my phone. Super simple and painless to set up!

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a Fitbit Flex™ I say do it. Next time I’d choose a darker color band or go with a 3 pack so I can switch out the colors. I like variety.

 *All images were used from my Fitbit dashboard.

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