Back to school is here! For home schooling families, it is likely that the school was never really out. I have many friends that home school year around. Just the other day my chiropractor had his little ones in his office working on lessons. Which had me thinking about when I taught preschool. Sometimes I miss those days. I loved teaching a child to write their name and recognize letters. If you home school or you’re interested in adding some great learning toys and items to your home, these are a few of my favorites from the Land of Nod.

– Charley Harper Alphabet Cards

The photos are so cute and feature wildlife. These are great for children learning their ABC’s.

Byte-Size Kids Chalkboard Laptop – Byte-Size Personal Laptop Chalkboard

This is wonderful for on-the go learning and great for practicing letter writing. No batteries required!

– Letter Scramble Game

Great for little hands! Shake the cubes and spell as many words as you can. Learn and have fun!

– Sheep Lacing Game

This cute little puzzle helps with hand-eye coordination and color matching. If your little ones loves puzzles, this is a must!

– What Do I Do? Conversation Cards

Social and emotional learning is just as important as learning your A,B,C’s. Which is why I love this simple deck of cards. They help young children learn about social situations and what to do or not do when something happens. A great conversation deck for dinnertime or car rides.

For other great games and puzzles that help with learning visit the Land of Nod. High quality products that last for years!

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