Flint Water Crisis

I live in Michigan. My grandparents lived in Flint, Michigan for a short time. I have friends that live in Flint, Michigan. What is happening in Flint, Michigan is nothing short of a tragedy. If you haven’t heard about this tragedy, let me quickly fill you in based on all the information I’ve read and the news I’ve watched.

  • Two years ago, the state I call home, Michigan, decided to save money and switch the Flint water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River. You see, the State was paying the city of Detroit money for the water from Lake Huron and they wanted to “save” money while a state run supply of water was being built from Lake Huron.
  • The water from the Flint River is highly corrosive and the residents complained that it was coming out of the pipes brown. There is even a class-action lawsuit because the water was not being treated and that is a violation of the law. The lawsuit that is almost like an Erin Brockovich story.
  • The pipes leading to the homes of the Flint residents were old and guess what made of lead which in turn leached into the residents water. You can see brown stuff (iron) but you cannot see lead. And you know what lead is bad, very, very bad.
  • Little children for almost two years have been drinking the tainted water.  When children have been exposed to lead, the results are irreversible, especially long term exposure. Think abFlint Water Crisisout baby bottles and mothers mixing formula. How about unborn babies? It’s what nightmares are made of.  Just reading about children and the lead poising risks, it makes me cringe. It actually makes me down right MAD.
  • TWO years and had the water been properly treated, like the city and the State promised it was it would have indeed been safe to drink. Instead it WAS NOT safe to drink, like the City and State officials said it was.
  • This means that for two years, the residents (only three hours from my home) have been drinking water polluted with lead and iron.  Water they were paying for, mind you.  Water with so much lead (in one home test) that is was considered to be hazardous waste, which is how high the levels were!
  • Now, after the Mayor drank the water and promised his residents the water was safe, he has declared a state of emergency. The DEQ Director, Dan Wyant resigned and the Federal Disaster Agency (FEMA) has been contacted to help.

My local church and several others are collecting bottled water and money to help the residents of Flint.  The same residents that trusted what they were told and let their children drink unsafe water. The residents who have complained of health issues (rashes, hair falling out) but weren’t listened to.  From what I’ve read in the Detroit News, there are only 43 confirmed cases of elevated lead levels from Flint residents but I’m sure there will be more.

Further Reading and Sources

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What Can You Do?

  • Share this article and others related to the #FlintWater situation. Let your opinions be heard.
  • If you have a church or local organization you trust collecting funds or water, donate to help the residents of Michigan.
  • Donate to United Way of Genesee County, they’ve created a fund just for the Flint Water crisis. The Detroit Free Press reports that the donated funds for this cause have already helped to buy thousands of water filter systems, replace filters and buy bottled water.

Tell me, what are your thoughts on this situation?

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