Coming up January 14th is a big fundraiser and Red Carpet Premiere of the Ricki Lake Documentary and my involvement with this fundraiser began with the Hot Moms Club. I was doing some reading on the website and wanted to know more about the other sponsors and participants for the fundraiser and came to learn about a company called G Diapers. For a brief second I swear I heard music playing like I discovered gold or something! I’ve been using 7th Generation diapers but even those these are chlorine free they are not biodegradable. In my quest to me more earth friendly and natural I wanted something better for the environment without using cloth. Sorry, I just couldn’t do cloth.

So let me give you a real quick run down on these flushable diapers and then you can research from there and see if they’re a good fit for you. They are actually these snug washable diapers with flushable inserts for the pants. The washable diapers come in the greatest colors with my favorite being “giggly pink”. They claim to be soft, a natural fit and comfy and they sure do look it. The flushable insert that you use are plastic free, have no chlorine, and perfume free. You do have to use this little wand thing and stir it in the toilet to break it up before you flush but besides that it seems cool. If you can’t flush for some reason you can throw it in the trash in within 150 days it will break down. I guess there might be some septic issues but if you visit the FAQ section of the site they help you decide what option is best for you. Wow! So I was wondering if the cost was crazy high and suprise…no! The starter kit is only $26.99 and you get two cute little G pants and 10 flushables. They come in three sizes and the refill packs are less then the diapers I am buying. A case of 128 flushables are only $52.

I’d love to hear about what you think or if you’ve tried these. I’ll be ordering some and I’ll blog here and let you know my thoughts so stayed tuned.

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