Next week is the inaugural celebration of the “Rainforest Alliance Week!” What does that mean? It’s a week devoted to informing consumers how they can support healthy farms and forestland’s. The Rainforest Alliance believes that the best way to keep forests standing is by ensuring that it is profitable for businesses and communities to do so. That means helping farmers, forest managers and tourism businesses realize greater economic benefits by ensuring ecosystems within and around their operations are protected. Business have to meet certain environmental and social standards then they link them up to the global marketplace and are given the Rainforest Alliance stamp of approval aka the little green frog. The little green frog emblem is your assurance that goods are produced and services are conducted sustainably. You can look for the seal at your local retailers.

The Rainforest Alliance is encouraging individuals and businesses to participate by taking even one small step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. How can you get involved?

Follow the Frog: You have the power to support a healthier planet. Learn why your consumer choices matter – watch the “Follow the Frog” video then share it with family and friends! Follow @RnfrstAlliance on Twitter and “like” the Rainforest Alliance on Facebook to get the latest environmental news and tips for a sustainable life. [Also check out our special #frogstory on Twitter!]

Shop the Frog : When shopping, look for the Rainforest Alliance’s little green frog on everyday items like coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, flowers, paper and furniture. And when planning a vacation, use to find hotels, lodges and tour operators in Latin America and the Caribbean that are good neighbors to the community and the environment.

Spread the Word: Tell your friends and family how easy it is to support a sustainable future! Share the “Follow the Frog” video with friends, look for the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal in stores, post photos of your favorite seal-bearing products on the Rainforest Alliance Facebook page, write your own blog about why you choose certified… Get creative!

By choosing products that bear the Rainforest Alliance Certified TMseal, you’re supporting farms and forestland’s that curb deforestation and provide habitat for wildlife, while protecting the rights and well being of workers and their communities. You can help protect the environment one frog at a time.

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