Editors Note: This article was originally published by Jennifer Lance from Eco Child’s Play where you can get news, tips and creative ways to raise the family non-toxic.

The more I read about food additives, the more my convictions to feed my family natural, organic food is confirmed. Just yesterday, my daughter brought home tons of junk Valentine’s Day candy from school. At first, she wanted to eat it, but then we had a talk about the candy’s contents. By the time her father got home, she was explaining to him why the candy was bad, and as always, we offered to trade her the junk candy for organic sweets.

In the past, I have written about how food additives have been linked to hyperactivity in children. Recently, there has been more discussion on the harmful effects of food additives. Here’s a round up of articles I have lately come across on the subject:

  • Chemical Food Additives – Are They Slowly Killing Our Children?

Some children are more sensitive to food chemicals and display immediate effects soon after ingestion of additives, colours in particular. In small amounts additives are not harmful. Effects are dose related and, tragically, dose for weight, children are consuming several times more additives than the acceptable daily intake (ADI)

Read more of this great article over at Eco Child’s Play.

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