Hand Sanitizers are commonly seen these days. Children have them on backpacks, moms carry the little bottles in their purses or diaper bags. Schools even request they be sent in for the desks or to help the classroom teacher stock up. Many contain triclosan and I recently wrote about the dangers associated with this pesticide. I’m in favor of just warm water and a non-toxic soap but sometimes you don’t have water. Luckily there is a safe and effective option and I had the opportunity to review this product and can tell you it smells nicely, it is easy to use because of the spray bottle AND it cleans the hands. It’s called, For My Kids Hand Sanitizer. The product uses witch hazel, grain alcohol, distilled water, organic tamanu oil and other essential oils. The properties that this special formula uses are known cleanse and sooth the skin. Remember, we want the hands to be clean because this is what soap and water does, cleans the hands. If your hands are clean what are you disinfecting?

For My Kids also offers a natural disinfectant for door knobs, cutting boards, kids toys, and other places that you might want to disinfect. It is an all natural alternative to antibacterial disinfectants that are toxic. The formula used by, For My Kids, is based on the well-known Vinegar of the Four Theives formula. Read more about the recent press this product has received. I’ve found it to be a great alternative to those toxic wipes. I like it for the bathroom and it fits perfect in my vanity for a quick spray down. It makes being a “green mom” even easier when you have such great products!

I also tried their comfy salve, vegan lip balm and herbal insect repellent. I’m addicted to the vegan lip balm. It smells so good and for my often chapped lips, it’s comforting. The comfy salve is great for boo-boos and is now carried in my purse for those scrapes at the park, bee stings or bumps that happen when we are out and about. It’s replaced mommies kiss!

It’s wonderful to know that there are such great alternatives out there for our kids and that we don’t have to rely on the toxic products. Making it even easier to raise our kids green and use safe products. Just a dab of the herbal insect repellent on the back of my neck or elbows seems to keep the bugs away while I reluctantly weed. It even smells good! I highly recommend these great products.

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