It’s been almost two months since I launched my new site and before the launch I worked long and hard hours writing content, arranging giveaways, writing emails, networking, figuring out WordPress and researching. I would say, in all fairness, I worked for two months before the launch and mostly moonlighting. This has left me with not so much “family” time and I’ve been tired. Naturally, when you stay up late and get up early it wears on you. It’s been a good trade off though because I’m building my business and with any business adventure there will be sacrifices. My subscription via RSS and email is up and my newsletter has reached over 500 subscribers. Google has ranked my new site as a page rank of 3 and for only being live for two months and not even blogging for one year, I’m satisfied.   I’ve got giveaways booking through the fall and I have many plans for posts, networking and giveaways (insert evil/fun laugh)! I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve been through and like my husband has pointed out to me many times, I’m learning everything that some people go to school to learn. Remember, I’m a elementary and preschool teacher that’s pretty darn close to her Masters degree! I didn’t go to school to learn social networking, internet marketing, media relations, business or any form or writing, journalism or computer programming. I’m self taught but darn it, I’m not doing so shabby!  I’m enjoying my new writing adventures for 5 Minutes for Going Green, Posh Mama and Busy Mommy.

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The point of this post is, I took time the other night to go out with my husband and just relax and reflect. We had a nice dinner, walked by the beach and reflected on the last few months and how I’ve changed and where we are heading and how I’ve grown and developed into a more aware and concious person. It’s been a growing period for me as a person. I don’t get too personal when I write but I wanted to share this with you. I’ve come along ways in becoming a green mom. I’ve learned about many topics, met amazing women and men, heard some inspriing stories and just overall realized my personal impact in the world and on our planet.

When it comes to going green and having a date night with the hubby, we probably didn’t take the greeniest route. We could have stayed home and saved on gas. Rented a movie on television, turned the lights off and used candles but the break from the daily grind and not having the laundry call my name or the children inturrupt my private time, was very much deserved and needed. Do yourself a favor, enjoy some time away like this and do it for the health of it. Monica from Healthy Green Moms, reminds me of how going green is also about being healthy mentally, physically and spirtually and sometimes I forget this.

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