Have you ever done something or said something that you regret? You then feel bad about, you stew for days or weeks about it and wish you could take back those moments?

I’m guessing most of have a few of these regretful moments under our belt.

I’ve heard people say they have no regrets but I don’t believe that. You have to have regrets because that means you’ve made mistakes and we all make mistakes – nobody is perfect.

I won’t go into particulars because it isn’t important but the bottom line is I made a mistake and said things I wish I would not have said. It was an out of character moment for me and it’s haunted me for months. Most people dwell on their mistakes for a few days or weeks but not me; I will go months and years thinking about it. This is terrible to do because losing sleep over something that happened in the past won’t make it go away or make it all better. Beating yourself up over something just makes it worse but it’s what I do – especially when it reflects poorly on who I am as a person. It’s my anxiety that gets the best of me and I’m trying so hard to tame it.

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I listen to the negative voices in my head and I need to tell them to shut up!

Dealing with worry and negative thoughts. #anxiety

The moral to this story is that when you make a mistake, admit it and say you’re sorry. The person you apologize to can accept your apology or not but at the end of the day you have to forgive yourself. Chances are that if you say sorry, you’ll instantly feel better and the person will accept and it won’t be as terrible as you let yourself believe it to be. The dwelling and over-thinking just makes it worse, trust me I know.

My little blunder, I apologized for it and in the end it all worked out and I do feel better. I wish I would have done it sooner and listened to my little sister who told me it isn’t a big deal, say sorry and move on. (She is wise like an older sister not a little sister!) So if you have something to apologize for I highly recommend you do it and then forgive yourself and learn from your mistake because looking back at yesterday will keep you from missing out on today.



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