My daughter turned F-O-U-R this last week. I spent the evening looking at her birthday photos and recapping the last four years of her life and my changed life. When I found out I was having a daughter, I was fearful. Yes, scared to have a daughter because my own relationship with my mother is so seriously messed up. I was nervous but that excited happy nervous you get when you know something wonderful is about to happen.

That something wonderful is my daughter.

She gives the saying, “march to the beat of your own drum”, real meaning and I’m nervous (in not a good way but protective mother way) about the next 16 years of my life!  I have so many wishes for her. So much hope and love that I feel as though my weight gain could be attributed to just that –he! he! She’s always been a very stubborn and spirited child but I over the last four years I see more of her personality forming and I hope that she’ll hold on tight to these traits (even though some of them give me a headache and a run for my money):

♥ Strong willed attitude for wanting what she wants and fighting for it. She just doesn’t give up.

♥Her affectionate personality of wanting to hug, cuddle and be close to people.

♥Knowing what she likes and does not like.

♥Her ability to feel the music and dance like nobody is watching.

♥Sensitivity towards others and keen sense of when someone is feeling sad and coming to their side to cheer them up or be next to them.

♥Her playfulness, the joy she gets out of playing for hours and hours using her imagination.

This bundle of joy who professes to not feel like she just turned F-O-U-R on me certainly acts like she is fourteen and when I watched this I felt I wanted her to be a baby again and truly not her age – how can I reverse time?

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