Free Mobil App Helps Track Trending Illnesses near You

Forecasting sickness is actually possible. Well, kind of. Have you ever had a scratchy throat or your kiddo has an upset tummy and you wonder if something is going around. You put it on Facebook asking if anyone else has allergies or strep throat, etc.

There is now a free application that lets people report illnesses and sicknesses and it delivers a local overview of what is trending in the area. You can create a group for just your school or Girl Scout troop if you want.

The positive thing is the input is anonymous no names are involved. The catch is, the more people locally using the free Sickweather mobile app, the more accurate it is. The idea behind the app is to help parents make informed decisions based on what illnesses are being reported.

For examples, if the flu is going around, it might be wise to avoid the local indoor play land and perhaps skip out on a large playgroup or birthday party. It might also be a good idea to increase the vitamin C and use the diffuser to prep for the flu season, in case it does hit your family.

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Download the free Sickweather mobile app today on iOS or Android devices.

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Sickweather is the world’s first real-time map of sickness and the largest crowdsourcing community of its kind. The company has been recognized for accurately forecasting outbreaks up to 15 weeks in advance. Sickweather is committed to providing consumers and businesses the most accurate, predictive and meaningful sickness forecasts in the world – for reducing healthcare costs and saving lives.

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