I love social media bubble

More and more I am seeing small town marketing or web design companies claim to be experts in social media and online marketing. They’re attempting to offer their clients what they need but the reality is they need to actually hire someone themselves. More and more I am getting calls from local companies to help them fix what these other so-called online experts have messed up or promised and did not deliver.

Which is another reason I tell professional bloggers who do what I do, start local. There is a market but you have to walk the walk. So how do you know if you’re ready to be a social media or online marketing consultant? I’ve provided you with tips to help guide you, what to charge and how to find clients but an excellent starting point is this easy checklist. It will help you make sure you’re ready to start your own social media consulting business and have everything in place. You’ll notice the number one thing listed is your own strong social media presence. If you cannot check this off the list you have some work to do.

Tip:  If you’re looking to hire a social media or online marketing consultant or company make sure they have a strong social media presence and the client list and testimonial experience to back up what they claim they can do for you!


Item or Task

  Strong social media presence of your own on major networks
  Do you have good communication and selling skills?
  Website designed and populated with some content
  List prepared of services you’re offering and initial prices
  Identified and lined up outsourcers you will use (like a virtual assistant)
  Marketing materials prepared and ready to hand out (business cards)
  Processes for services, measurement and reporting outlined
  FAQ list prepared for prospects and customers
  Testimonials gathered and posted on website
  Email autoresponder set up and opt-in posted on site
  List of contacts you can approach or network with for leads
  Your Unique Selling Proposition outlined and ready to explain
  Contract template ready and approved by lawyer

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