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With the holidays in full swing life has been a bit busy for me. Teaching is certainly taking up a huge bulk of my time, obviously!  I’ve been busy holiday shopping, baking and most recently enjoying my new Jeep Wrangler! I can officially say I will not get stuck in my driveway this winter! At least I hope not!

Most of my extra time has been spent planning winter lessons for my 3rd grade students. I’ve tested most of these out on my own children. My 4th grader is very honest with me and will quickly say if something is boring, too easy or too hard! My daughter who is in 1st grade always weighs in and lets me know if something is F-U-N!

So I thought I’d share with you a few winter teaching resources I’ve been utilizing lately. After all, I want you to know I’m alive! (Joking, you can see I’m well if you visit me on Facebook or Pinterest!)

  • Christmas themed reading worksheets for rhyming, vowel sounds, adjectives and more!
  • A fun video about what a thermometer is because we’re learning about temperature, solids and matter. I should say we’re reviewing but nonetheless it is fun!
  • A cute video about how snow is made and because I have lots of it I had to share this video!
  • We discussed snowflakes for math and we played a fun snowflake concentration game that the student’s really enjoyed. We also made virtual snowflakes and the students loved this!
  • I read a cute little story about snowmen at night and we talked about solids and liquids. Another review lesson but the kids had fun!
  • For fun they made virtual snowmen too! We’re a virtual school so I have to get creative and then we used adjectives to describe the snowmen.

These are just a few resources and links I’ve used that are winter and holiday related. Do you have any you suggest?

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