This weekend when you’re watching the fireworks that yes, probably have toxic chemicals that contaminate the water; try to add a splash of green to your celebration. This weekend is about being patriotic and remembering those that have served for our country and what our country stands for: Freedom.

Freedom is indeed safety from terrorism, bombs and hazardous threats and this is what reminds me of “green” and non-toxic threats I see each and every day. There are all sorts of tiny threats that unless we are paranoid we cannot protect ourselves from all of them.  I also like to think of freedom (and I know I am blessed to think this because of where I live and those who have lost lives for these rights)  in the sense that my children don’t have to drink polluted water, breath toxic air, wear clothing that is harmful to their bodies, take toxic baths from or worry about their food being chalked full of growth hormones or their strawberries having pesticides on them. There are several “threats” and enemies I fight each day that reside on our food, spray bottles and even our vehicles upholstery and babies bubble bath. These threats add up and impact our health and environmental well being.

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I think often as a mom in my own little world about freedom from pesticides, wondering what is in a product and its safety and whether a company can be trusted. I would like some independence from these thoughts and freedom to not worry (if that is ever possible as a mom). I want to see my children run in the green pesticide free grass and gallop along side their friends and not have increased rates of childhood cancer and environmental toxins causing our children harm.

So while I salute the soldiers in the parade this weekend and admire the sparkling late night sky I will also try to remember the other threats that I can battle  on a daily basis and attempt to eliminate from my life for the greater good of my health and the environment. Some of Green and Clean Mom’s Daily Battles include…

-Choosing safe sunscreen for my family.
Bug spray that keeps the bugs away without harming my child.
-Advocating for safer and affordable products for all parents and children. Cost should not be a barrier. I personally support the Environmental Working Group and Healthy Child Healthy World.
-Choosing pesticide free food whenever possible and affordable; including growing my own food and supporting local farmers.
Reducing the amount of waste I create on a daily basis with small choices such as using reusable clothes and making my own soda.

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Have some green holiday celebration tips feel free to leave your link or post a comment. We can all learn from each other.