This is the time of year for giving right? Well I wanted to share with you a wonderful way to give back while living healthy.  There is a non profit organization by the name of the Fresh Air Fund that works hard at giving New York inner city children the opportunity to experience a “fresher” way of living.  The Fresh Air Fund gives inner city children opportunities to visit “Fresh Air Camps” as well as visit rural or suburban communities for two weeks. 

I realize that not all of us have deep pockets but you can even sponsor them for FREE, that’s right FREE.  On March 21, 2010 you can sponsor the Fresh Air Fund while getting in shape, yeah!!!! The New York City half marathon and the fresh air fund racers come together on that day, all one has to do is run the half marathon and get $1000 worth of sponsorships.  If I can do it anyone can do it.  I completed a half marathon on Mackinaw Island, in October; during a storm (I know I’m crazy).  When I first entertained the idea I was not in good shape.  I love to work out and run but since having a baby a year ago I became LAZY!!! I never thought I could make it the 13.1 miles but what an experience and boost of confidence to know what I thought was impossible was possible. Thank you racers and sponsors for making the impossible possible for those kids.  I think my sister might be getting a donation receipt from the Fresh Air Fund under her tree or maybe just maybe I will sign her up for the half marathon  Have a great Holiday!!