I take for granted the fresh air I breathe and the fact that fresh water and trees surround me and there isn’t a smell of industry or pollution. I’m aware of how fortunate I am but I just don’t think about it everyday like I should. I remember a visit to a big city a few years back and feeling like I could not breathe. I remember the smell and not enjoying how the automobile pollution made me feel. I was told I would get used to it but I never did and when it was time to leave I couldn’t wait to be home and breathe fresh air. Not that the city wasn’t fun and exciting but the air was very different.

The Fresh Air Fund caught my attention because it helps children that live in the city experience the fresh air that I’m so accustomed to. The Fresh Air Fund helps connect children with summer time vacations and provided 1.7 million children from disadvantaged communities with fresh air opportunities. They offer year around programs and career awareness programs.

I love these two quotes from two children experiencing some “Fresh Air”:

It’s great to get out of the city and away from the noise!” says Christina Smythe, a 14-year-old Fresh Air camper from Camp Anita Bliss Coler

Sakidra Irvin said, “I learned that when you fish, you have to be sure to stay very quiet so that you don’t scare all of the fish away and I caught two fish.”

The idea that there’s an opportunity to volunteer, host a child or donate to make it possible for children to catch their first fish, get out of the noise and embrace quiet – it gives me goose bumps. Learn more about the program and what you can do to support this non-profit agency and help children catch frogs, go on a nature walks and see the stars.

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