Happy Monday everyone! Good news to report, my family has made the switch to buying local milk (within a 100 mile radius) that is not certified organic but is only miss a sheet of paper. There are no antibiotics, no growth hormones used, no pesticides used and the farm is family owed. We can drive to visit the cows that make our milk and I cannot wait to do this! I researched this before I made the leap and wanted to know how the glass containers are cleaned ,why the farm was not organic, if they sold raw milk and other specific questions. I was actually excited and proud to take home my glass milk container and my husband thought the entire situation was weird. I don’t even like milk but decided to pour myself a glass so I could taste the difference. I have to tell you, it was remarkable. I had some organic milk from Horizon left over (which I like) but the fresh from the farm milk was so creamy and perfect. I might become a milk fan!!!

Ahhh, except I poured this healthy hormone free milk right into a BPA sippy cup. Yes, I know slap on the wrist a thousand times over (it was a gift). I’m recycling all of the “bad” sippy cups as soon as my samplers pack of BPA FREE cups arrive from The Soft Landing ( not all of my cups are unsafe, mind you). I have some things on my green and clean mom agenda that I am personally researching and changing over so that my family is safer and more” green”.

In the very near future…

*I will blog about the new BPA water bottles I’ve begun using and why BPA is so bad, along with a giveaway!!! Yeah! This will be any day so check back real soon!
*I’ll be trying out some safe BPA free sippy cups for my two children and hope to have a ruling on which I like best, no my children like best! I’ve contacted several companies about their cups for samples or giveaways for my wonderful readers and hope to hear back from them!!!
*Crocs, everyone seems to be wearing them (including my kids) but they’re made in China and can you recycle them? Are they non-toxic and what’s the best way to really clean them (I have a secret). What is the company doing to be Earth Friendly???
*All about my C.S.A. and what I learned last year from my experience and some helpful tips.
*I will be personally, purchasing a wide array of healthy, organic snacks from http://www.yumyumsnacks.com/ to sample for my family and hope to blog about this experience. I don’t have many options in my small town. We have three grocery stores attempting to carry more organic food options, Wal-Mart that is completely sporadic with what they carry but cheaper and Kmart that has nothing. Cosco is four hours away!
My home is about 50/50 right now but Tiffany over at Nature Moms Blog, has inspired me to do better with her personal story and tips.

I have lots more in the works but I wanted to give you a heads up so you’re sure to keep checking back. I think it is very important to point out, I’m a mom just like most of you, trying to do her best to live some shade of green, each day. I’m not perfect and my family did not eat healthy or organic growing up so I am learning and sharing. I am trying new and safer products to share them with you and give you my feedback. I research, research, research and read, read, read and then hope to tell you my honest opinion, thoughts and findings.

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