There’s something to be said for sitting at an airport two hours in advance with a hot strong cup of coffee and an open laptop. My mind is whirling with ideas and my fingers are pounding at the key board attempting to communicate my thoughts. Awhile back I wrote about blog ambassadors and whether or not bloggers stop to consider what this means and what it means to a reader and to a business. Mom bloggers are packing their bags, leaving their children and flying off to meet with CEO’s, sit at fancy dinners and put their brains on a plate – serving up their intellectual property.  I’m one of those moms. I’m sitting in an airport typing this and want to explore what should a P.R. firm and company consider before holding a blogger event so that when a mom leaves her family to work with a company everyone is getting something out of the agreement and arrangement.

I am going to assume that if you are reading this you see the value in mom bloggers being brand ambassadors – if you don’t I’ll have to convince you in another post but I highly suggest you read what Jennifer James has to say on the subject and Chris Brogan, as a starting point.

My message  for the companies who have hired P.R. firms and the agency that has this great idea that as part of their strategy they will organize a mom blogger event and have at least 5 brand ambassadors to work with the P.R. team using social media (blogging, tweeting, Facebook, etc.).

Dear Company,

Your P.R. firm is on the right track and it is a good thing they’ve suggested this. Ask what the budget is and make sure the bloggers are not just being flown from city to city and leaving their families, spending time working for your brand, learning about your brand and promoting your brand but not being compensated. Would your P.R. firm fly across the globe to meet with you and not charge you for their time, their work on the account and efforts? No. So make sure that the P.R. firm has this packaged into the deal – insist on it. If they don’t it won’t look good for you and in the end the P.R. firm gets the money for the mom bloggers being the brand ambassadors – which isn’t too ethical?

Value the blogger. Invest in their brand and their blog. Read what they write and get to know them as a person because if they are to trust you and value your company enough to be a brand ambassador you need to do the same for them. Social media is about relationships and relationships that work take time and effort that is not one sided. When they have a community event or happen to be supporting a good cause – back them up; it shows an investment and will strengthen the relationship.


A blogger and proud of it.

P.S. Mom bloggers are smart, natural connectors and marketers, we spend $.85 cents per every dollar and we have experience, degrees, professional value and experience – do not dismiss this.

Dear P.R. Firm,

Planning a brand ambassador event, want to have a “tweet” up with bloggers and have bloggers help with an event or promote a company or cause? Good idea and we agree it works for clients but here is the scoop – you get paid for creating this strategy but we are the strategy so we should be paid for it. Yup, that means your bottom line is cut into but would you do something for a client without billing hours? Nope, so why should we? Oh, because we’re moms right? I hope that is not your answer and if it is I don’t really want to work with you. I want to be valued for my good ideas, time spent and experience. I have a Master’s degree and three years of hardcore experience in blogging and social media plus a client list to prove I know what I’m talking about. Don’t under estimate us – please value our community and let’s work together in harmony for the companies and causes.

Take time choosing the blogger for the company and brand. Read their blogs, get to know them, interview them on the phone and develop a relationship so you know it is a good fit for your company and your client. Give the blogger time to plan for trips and organize things so they can be a participant and be of value. Decide what you want from the blogger and what you would charge if the blogger was your employee or an outside consultant assisting you on a project.


Mom Blogger

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