Pinterest fascinates me and if I’m not careful I can spend hours pinning eco-friendly ideas, healthy recipes and exercise tips.  I’ve written an eBook on using Pinterest for your brand, business and blog but it has dawned on me I haven’t shared some ways I am personally using Pinterest in my home. I’m not just pinning great ideas and never utilizing the pins! Well, okay sometimes I do this but really I am turning my pins into reality.

  • I’ve made my own watering can from a milk jug. I love this idea because it is easy, cheap and I’m reusing an old milk jug! Amy Giese has a lot of great pins and boards so I’ll thank her for this great idea!
  • My son had an amazing camping themed birthday party, see the original pin here but my “throw a party” board has lots of related ideas that help to inspire me. I do like to have a party!
  • My garbage disposal is clean and the blades sharp because I’ve frozen lemon wedges and vinegar. The original pin sparked the idea, I added the lemon wedges!

These are just a few ideas I’ve gathered from Pinterest. How about you? Do you use Pinterst for your blog or business? If so check out my new eBook and I’d love to follow you on Pinterst so be sure to leave your Pinterst URL in the comment section!

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