Tips on dressing for a budget! A little black dress is a must! #FashionHacks #Frugal #Fashion #Style #littleblackdress

Fashion, really isn’t my thing or at least it wasn’t years ago.  I’m trying though and over the years and with my sister’s help and Pinterest…I am improving. I wouldn’t say I’m a fashion nightmare. No, I can dress well and have a closet full of nice clothes. I have inspiration and a Stitch Fix subscription, which I buy at least one piece from each time. (Full review to come soon, I promise!)  I’m in the know or try to be but the thing is fashion can be expensive, right?

It doesn’t have to be.

You can still look good and appear to have dropped a load of green on your wardrobe when really; you’re being frugal with these simple fashion hacks.

Mix and Match.  Don’t buy anything unless it will match with something you already own. This way you canTips on dressing for a budget! #FashionHacks #Frugal #Fashion #Style mix and match and make your wardrobe go farther. For example, if you’re eyeing this adorable green tunic from ModCloth…will it go with a necklace you have, a skinny pair of jeans and boots? If it won’t go with something, don’t buy it. Unless you win the lotto or have big bucks to spend, resist the urge. Otherwise you end up buying pants, shoes, accessories and spending far more than you need to spend.

Get Thrifty Jazzy Cool. If you find a cool shirt at a thrift store, garage sale or eBay, make it look more expensive by replacing buttons or adding a fancy belt to give it an upscale look. Be creative!

Bye-Bye Wrinkles. I hate wrinkles and they remind me of my college days, where I dressed sloppy and didn’t have time to iron or care. Just steaming and ironing out wrinkles can make something old in your closet look new again. For real, get a steamer and a travel one too.

Think Undergarments. It’s true but you need to hold the girls up and suck it in. Less expensive clothing won’t have liners, which makes them less expensive. So make sure you wear a slip, a tummy tucker (if needed) and a bra that’s appropriate. Keep it classy.

Tips on dressing for a budget! #FashionHacks #Frugal #Fashion #StyleColors Matters Babe! What colors do you most often wear? Stick with these colors and then throw in punches of color to mix it up like a bright colored necklace, a poke-a-doted scarf or colorful shoes.

Black Baby! My favorite color because I ALWAYS look slimmer in black Tips on dressing for a budget! A little black dress is a must! #FashionHacks #Frugal #Fashion #Style #littleblackdressand that is a FACT. If you’re clothing is inexpensive, choose black because the imperfections won’t show as much. Plus you can add that pop of color I referenced.  And a classic black dress will never go out of style!

Simple is Classy. Don’t overdo the embellishments because those come and go. Simple, sleek and classic designs are in style forever and can be accessorized.

Okay, so I’m not a fashion “expert” but I’m more like YOU then most fashion gurus because I have a budget and I’m trying to look good, be comfortable and not break the bank. These are all my fashion hacks from over the years and you know what…bottom line is feeling good in what you wear.

What fashion hacks do you have? I’d love to know how you get dressed every day and feel good about yourself without maxing out your credit cards.


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