Back to school means packing lunches, eco-friendly lunches! I’ve reviewed numerous waste free lunch sacks and I’m always on the lookout for BPA free, PVC free, Phthalate Free and Lead free options that are durable and affordable. I pack school lunches year around for my children that attend child care part-time and that means I need to save money when ever and where ever possible!

I’ve noticed over the last few years that a lunch bag needs the following:

-Appeal to the child (they want to be cool when sitting at the lunch table).

-Easy to clean (kids are dirty).

-Thermal to keep foods cold like drinks, yogurts, cottage cheese cups, etc.

-Easy to open because a kid needs to be able to do thing on their own without asking for an adults help, independence is key!

-Durability is vital for kids lunch sacks/bags because they throw them, swing them and gosh only knows what else! The Velcro has to hold up; there can’t be tears in the handles and at the seams after just one month of using the lunch sack.

-Affordability is of course a must have for any lunch sack/bag because kids tend to lose things!

FUEL is a perfect solution for any parent looking for a back to school lunch sack/bag that meets all of the above needs and happens to be eco-friendly, BPA free, PVC free, PhthalateSafe Munch Eco-fundraiser Free and Lead free. Of course, I haven’t tested the products for these toxic materials but learn more about them at The Soft Landing where you can accessorize your back to school lunch needs! Oh and help spread the word with The Soft Landing’s Safe Munch School Fundraiser program. Perfect for any PTO/PTA, preschool or non-profit looking raise money but also go green!


15% discount on all of the products included in the fundraiser at with the code “greenmomsafemunch” at checkout!

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