Not too long Betta fish supplies at Pet Smart #NationalGeographicKidsago my son bought himself a Betta fish. He was so proud and excited. Of course, I had to clean Gilbert’s tank (that’s what he named his new pet) and Betta fish jump or they can jump. Gilbert jumped out of the Rubbermaid bowl while his tank was being cleaned and he died. It was tragic because I didn’t see it; I found poor Gilbert in the sink and couldn’t figure out how he jumped so far. Gilbert was a jumper!

My son, he was a trooper and forgave me. After all, I was cleaning Gilbert’s tank but I still felt horrible. When National Geographic partnered with Pet Smart and decided to send me a Betta tank with accessories, food and water conditioning tablets for review – I was so thankful. I could replace Gilbert for my son! All purchases from PetSmart with the National Geographic logo support the conservation of animals and their habitats. A great way to support a non-profit and according to National Geographic:

“The National Geographic’s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet. We believe that responsible pet ownership is a great way to experience some of the wonders of our world while developing a great lover and compassion for it.”

Before buying our new pet Betta named Phil, we did some reading on the  PetSmart website and learned a thing or two, hoping to help Phil live longer than poor Gilbert!

  • Betta fish prefer to be alone and males will fight.
  • They can live 2-3 years (hoping we have more success this time around)!
  • Betta fish gulp air from the surface of the water so you do not need an aerated aquarium.
  • They can also be social when coming to the surface and feeding time can be a little like play time where they’ll interact with humans. Phil has yet to be social with us but were hopeful.
Meet Phil our new Betta!
Meet Phil our new Betta!
Phil our new Betta fish living in style thanks to PetSmart!
Phil our new Betta fish living in style thanks to PetSmart!

Check out all the National Geographic and PetSmart facts. We had a great time exploring the website and now our new pet, Phil, is swimming in style and loving his new home. I already told him no jumping, unless he’s jumping through hoops to win the funniest pet contest!

 National Geographic Kids Funniest Pet Contest

National Geographic Kids Funniest Pet Contest  #NGKInsider

I’m pretty sure Phil our new Betta won’t be doing any tricks but I could be wrong. So we’re watching him closely but if you have a pet make sure you enter the National Geographic Kids Funniest Pet Contest. Your pet could be a rock star; my son certainly thinks Phil is! Learn more about what you could win and all the details and rules here. Good luck and don’t forget to check out some of the funny video entries!

Disclaimer: I’m a National Geographic Kids Insider and over the next year I’ll be sharing stories, news, reviews and more related to the non-profit. I am not paid for my time and my opinions are all my own.

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