I still enjoy reading magazines as much as I love blogs! I always seemed to be sucked in at the grocery counter by the latest titles and photos – I’m a sucker, I know! After I read the magazine I recycle it or give it to a pal to read and then hope it is recycled. Except, where did the paper for the magazine come from and is that paper and process eco-friendly? I was completely unaware that most magazines use 100% virgin paper or maybe we are lucky up to 15% recycled content.  Oh and guess what only about 20% of magazines even end up being recycled (sad).

I like my toilet paper to come from 100% post consumer recycled content (White Cloud GreenEarth) so why not my magazines too! Why cut down mature trees that are working hard to do their job of cycling the carbon when we paper products that can be recycled for quality paper? As Triple Pundit points out, Rachel Ray has done it so it can be done!

Who can do this and why aren’t other magazines and publishers doing this?

FutureMark is the only company offering this service right now and thank goodness they’re stepping up to the plate! Unfortunately, we all believe that FSC is the be all save all for the paper industry and though this is great and a good choice there is a better choice, recycle what we’ve already created verses cutting down new trees!

Cost?  Well, I’m with you in thinking that Rachel Ray costs more but her magazine doesn’t! Just like my White Cloud GreenEarth is premium and using 100% post consumer recycled product AND I don’t pay more, the same goes for FutureMark and the paper they produce! So smart and I love smart!

Shoot even Tree Hugger is agreeing with me on this one! So when you’re in line suckered into buying that smutty magazine like me, think about virgin trees and how you can enjoy the same coupons, recipes, work out tips and fashion advice if the magazine was using FutureMark paper!

Hmmm? I say we put some pressure on those publishers not doing the right and smart thing, what do you say?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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