Today it’s snowing. SNOWING! I sit here drinking my coffee and all I can think about today is putting my greenhouse up for the year and building our new garden. With all this excitement in me it can only mean one thing….. TIME TO BUY SEEDS! Now I have to say- I do buy plants that are started for me already (my green thumb turns purple when it comes to cucumber plants from seeds) but I also enjoy growing from seeds to plants. Whether you start your plants in your house, in a greenhouse, or in the plain old ground- it all works!

Organic Seeds and Where to Start

Buying seeds can be really complicated if you let it. Regular vs. organic….? Expensive vs. cheap….?

Here’s how I see it- ‘regular seeds’ have the potential to be genetically modified and they do not have to be marked that they have been. ‘Organic seeds’ ensure that this has not been done. If you buy ‘regular seeds’ and use organic methods of growing then your plants can be ‘organic’ with regular seeds. My personal opinion and recommendation is that you buy ‘organic seeds’ because I have had better luck with the end result. My husband and I tried this with peas… HUGE difference in quality and quantity. I will be buying organic seeds this year. is a great place to get started with organic gardening. I counted 213 different organic seeds. I am sure that you can find what you are looking for if you head to! If it is plants you are looking for I must say locally I head to Pond Hill Farms. A friendly staff, reasonable prices, and a good product is always a winner in my book. Look locally for a place near you and you’ll appreciate the friendly customer service and local knowledge. Plus it is always great to support local business.  This brings up the expense. Yes- organic is more expensive, however if you are getting a better quality and higher quantity…. WORTH IT to me!

Not ready to build a garden? Try having herb plants in the kitchen. They will grow year round and are great for cooking (and smell nice). Not an herb lover? Try some flower pots with a tomato plant, a pepper plant, and maybe some peas. This would give you some fresh veggies with very little work. A great place to start would be Healthy Child Healthy World and their 10 tips for Organic Gardening!

Tell me, where do you buy your seeds? What do you recommend?

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