The countdown is on; can you hear the tick tock? Earth Day is this Thursday, April 22nd and Earth Footwear is hosting a kick butt Twitter Party for #GNO and we’ll be chatting about what you can do to this Earth Day and every day. Remember, it isn’t a race but rather about making small steps towards doing something. Not judging one another but supporting each other in treating improving our home environments (which has a bigger earthly impact), appreciating the outdoors and getting outdoors and realizing where our food comes from and appreciating home grown good food without the preservatives and “stuff”.

Earth Footwear is one of those companies that is trying to do their part but they are also supporting and encouraging people to get active, get fit and yes…go for a walk, bike ride and appreciate the smell of the green, green Earth! They’ve partnered with Mamavation, read more about it here. In addition, they are giving away 40 pairs of shoes for the 40th celebration of Earth Day AND $5 to EarthShare®!

See you on Thursday at the #GNO party for an Earth Day 2010 Twitter celebration!

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