Get a 3-Night/2 Day Discounted Vacation

We all need a vacation, right? The average hotel room for my family of four is $125-$150 per night. I just stayed at the Fountains in Orlando, Florida for $79 per night and it was not a hotel. We had a full kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a washer/dryer. You cannot beat that cost for a weekend getaway.

How did I score this? What is my secret?

I am a Bluegreen Owner and I have been for 15 years. Each year they offer us a great discounted vacation and we cannot pass it up. We use our timeshare points for other vacations and we can even book cruises, camping trips, hotels, flights and more with our points. The points are not just for weeks at a timeshare, it is truly a vacation club. Bluegreen isn’t a typical “time-share” – they’re a vacation club and you buy points that can be used on weekend vacations, week-long vacations, used all over the world and for a variety of other uses, including hotels, rental cars and more, just for example.

There are many reasons I love the Bluegreen vacation club but it’s hard to really explain all that it is unless you experience it. Which is why I wanted to share this special offer with you, to receive a discounted vacation (if you qualify), just as I experienced. A 3-Night/2 Day discounted for vacation for as low as $149.00. In exchange for this deep discount, you agree to a tour and presentation. It doesn’t kill you, I promise. In fact, we just did one and ended up buying more Bluegreen points to use on vacations – that is how much we like the vacation club!

Want to find out if you qualify for this offer?

Visit Bluegreen friends and family or call 877.432.8306 and mention promo code: 2-212851 to inquire about whether you qualify for a 3-day/2-night vacation! Remember you have to mention promo code: 2-212851. For the full details of the participation and to see if you qualify for this offer, click here.  You can also give them my name as an owner who referred you, Sommer Poquette.

Why I love Being a Bluegreen Owner

If you’re not so sure or you’re thinking this could be scam, I understand. Let me share with you a few of my favorite resorts that my family has stayed at and why we personally love being a Bluegreen owner.

Bluegreen Vacations - Why I Like Being an Owner/Member

  1. Boyne Falls, MI – We don’t live far from this destination and have used it for birthday parties or if family comes into town. I love that I can utilize my points this way. In addition, we get to use the resort pool as members and get a day pass. This is perfect during a hot summer day. The resort is also perfect for skiers and they have a water park on site. It’s a lot of fun!
  2. Las Vegas, NV – This March will be our second stay at this resort. We’ve stayed on the strip at expensive hotels but love that we have our own little kitchen and laundry when we stay at this resort. Just a short walk to MGM and we can hop on the monorail.
  3. Orlando, FL – This is one of my favorite places to stay and we’ve been there three times and will definitely be going back. They have multiple pools, they’re close to all the theme parks and for longer vacations we can rent a car and stock up on groceries to save money. We also love the security on property; it makes us feel safe and very at ease.
  4. I am going to spend money on hotels and vacations. I have spent the money upfront, being an owner and reap the benefits of having more than just a hotel room for my family. In addition, I can pass this ownership on to my children or gift vacations to my family. I love this!
  5. This last fall my sister and I took a weekend getaway to Peoria, AZ and it was fabulous. Easy to get around, the resort is BEAUTIFUL and there was so much to do at the resort and off-site. I’ll definitely be going back!
  6. I plan to do some international travel in the near future and I can use my Bluegreen points and membership to travel with RCI – a global company with resorts all over the world. I love that the possibility are endless!

These are just a few resorts we’ve stayed at and reasons why we love being members. You can view all of the Bluegreen resorts, including the international properties, here. But remember, there’s so much more to being an owner than just the resorts you see on the website. Find out more by taking advantage of the offer above (remember the promo code) or ask me any questions in the comment section below. I can only answer based on my own experience but I’ll do my best.

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