Getting a good night’s sleep without the use of chemicals or drugs is possible and I’m living proof of it because I suffer with insomnia and I’ve been trying natural remedies to help me. The prescription medicine only put me in the emergency room so no more of sleepy time drugs for me. Here are a few ideas that I’ve been trying to help me fall to sleep naturally.


Lavender has wonderful soothing qualities and my sleepy time spray is even working for the kids but a few drops of the essential oil in a warm bath can help your body relax too! I’ve even put a few drops on my pillow or the bottom of my feet.


This is another wonderful tool to help you fall asleep. A warm chamomile tea after a lavender bath will help soothe the senses and relax you to sleep. There are many chamomile teas on the market but I like to choose organic and like to add a drop of honey and some lemon.

Visualize and Mediate

Anna Hackman of Green Talk recommended this and though I’m not officially mediating I am closing my eyes and trying to visualize myself on a beach, relaxing and falling to sleep. I’m not very good at this yet but I’m trying to clear my mind so that I can fall to sleep, it never seems to shut down.

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Melatonin and Valerian Root

This combination was recommended by my doctor and I have to say, it really has seemed to help. I take a time released melatonin to help me stay asleep and I use the maximum dosage of 10mg. I suggest talking to your doctor to find out which dosage is right for you. I take both of these 30 minutes before bed and it really relaxes me and helps me drift off quickly.

These are all things I’m trying but I’d love to hear your tips on how to get a good night’s rest naturally. What do you do to turn your mind off and fall asleep?

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