Get Dirty with GCM

Let’s get this party started! Time to get dirty and plant some seeds. I hear snow is on the way tomorrow but I’m determined to think sunny organic seedy thoughts. The first lady was thinking the same thing and I wish she would join the Green and Clean Mom Community and share some of her organic gardening tips. I think I will invite her and maybe she’ll even learn a thing or two from our group.

The  Getting Dirty challenge is underway and those involved have been sprouting greens lefts and right. I am so inspired! Tara made a video on using the Burpee Eco-Friendly Seed Starter Kit – which was super helpful. I’ve learned that I don’t have to have fancy lights and my dining room table will suffice. The group has really been my lifeline for resources, support, questions, guidance and ideas.

Join us and get your hands dirty! Share your frustrations, joys, tips, pictures and more with us and we’ll do the same. Here is how it works and we keep it simple.

1.  Plant something this year that your family can eat. Something organic, natural and healthy.
2.  If you always garden but don’t use organic seeds or fertilizers – start here and try going organic this year.
3.  If you are a avid organic gardener (I’m so jealous) plant something you’ve never planted before or try a new way of gardening like using raised beds? Shucks, I don’t know but join us because we need your help and pointers!!!

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Begin by clicking here, it’s free and fun! Then grab a badge and tell the world about what you’re doing and inspire others to join and get dirty with us!

Get Dirty with GCM

I’m going to get dirty and share it all with you. What I’m planting, using, how I’m doing it and what is and is not working. So come on let’s grow some healthy food together and help each other in the process.  To get started join the group! From time to time I’ll share the successes of the group here at Green and Clean Mom and with their permission video, tips and more. Come on, get dirty and eat some home grown healthy food with me. It will be fun, I promise.

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