Earth Day is April 22nd and the clock is ticking away. Do you know what is going on in your city or state? Are you making an effort to do something if there isn’t something going on near you? Let me take a minute and give you some ideas and resources to help get you involved or give you something to do to celebrate this day.

If you live near Universal Studios Hollywood ,then the happening event would be the “Eco-Fair”, Saturday, April 26th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can even get free parking if you drive your hybrid and the City and County of Los Angeles will be sponsoring a hazardous waste disposal. Don’t have a hybrid? You can still get free parking if you donate something to the hazardous waste disposal, which shouldn’t be hard to do! While your getting rid of your toxins, celebrities such as, Melora Hardin, from “The Office” will be autographing eco-bags. There will be over 30 going green displays and interactive exhibits. A must do event if you want to be groovy green and you live in the L.A. area! I only wish I was near by but if you go, send me pictures!

Don’t forget the Green Scene event in Chicago if you’re near the windy city! If you’re like me and the bigger city is hours away and not possible, don’t fret. You can still do “something” green but you might not get free parking and a celebrity probably won’t sign a eco-bag for you. No need to pout, here are some Earth Day events and links to cheer you up…

How about getting the kids involved and making this day as special as any other holiday? Have those kids be groovy green kids! EcoKids has some great activities, facts and quizzes. It’s more for older kids though. Kaboose, has some great crafts and activities for all age groups. The tin can herb pots are adorable and my four year old would love this! Kaboose, also has some great ways that a family can go green together and a fun quiz. The greatest resource comes from kids themselves on how to learn about Earth day. I personally loved the pledge to Mother Earth!
Lots of good ideas and resources, which gives you know excuse for not celebrating Earth Day! Post here and let me know what your plans are and if you are hosting an event or know of one!

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