Stop for a second and think about the last time you put something into your shopping cart (online or at a store) and paused to consider the manufacturing, safety testing and the people behind what you’ve decided to purchase. Whether that item is coconut oil for your DIY body scrubs, essential oils for your diffuser or a box of spaghetti noodles for dinner, what do you know about the company behind the product?

Maybe nothing at all or what you’ve seen on a 10 second commercial.

Sommer Poquette Green and Clean Mom NOW Foods Tour #NOWWellness Influencer Tour

Let Me Introduce You to NOW Foods

This is why I’m excited to tell you about NOW Foods. Until a few weeks ago, I was living under a rock. I had never heard of this brand but now I have seen first had with my own eyes the 40 million dollar lab and manufacturing process. The testing that goes into bringing each product from start to finish to market – with a no acceptance policy for anything but superior ingredients and quality control. A team of scientists and nutritionists that are on-site testing each product, with a .02% error rate – that is exceptional.

First hand, I saw the facilities and walked through the seeing the scientists hard at work.

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NOW Foods Tour – Scientists working hard to make sure products are safe for consumers from start to finish.

I saw the staff, doing quality checks on products to send the product up the lab for testing for any type of contamination.NOW Foods quality control and safety checks from the #NOWWellness Influencer event.

I witnessed employees being praised for earning safety points because safety is number one.

NOW Foods employees earning rewards for caring about safety and quality.

I heard from the CEO, met the people and saw the hard word. The work that 600 NOW Food employees devote their lives to so that NOW Foods can be sold in every zip code in the U.S. and around the globe in 62 countries. I heard from the CEO how the company is a family company with a NO lay off policy and where each employee receives the same bonus based on profit, whether it’s a production worker or the CEO. That my friends, is impressive! (Watch my Instagram video here.)

NOW Foods tour - learning about their safety, quality, testing and love for their employees.

I met one of the chefs and learned about the oils and how they’re not all created equal. I listened to the NOW Ambassadors share how they use the products and create healthy recipes for their families.

NOW Foods oil taste testing to learn about the high quality of their oils and the cooking oil differences.

Kelly from Nosh and Nourish sharing a NOW Foods Inspired recipe and her love for NOW Foods.
Kelly from Nosh and Nourish sharing her NOW Inspired recipe!

I heard from the passionate employees about their dedication to bringing non-GMO, as well as gluten-free products to the market affordably for consumers, many of which are organic. When you see the enthusiasm and pride, it says a lot about a company.

NOW Foods Natural Food Line

I saw boxes being continually recycled – saving 12,000 trees each year. I heard about how they conserve 1.3 gallons of water each year.

NOW Foods commitment to the environment and recycling.

I’m lucky, I witnessed this first hand because NOW Foods flew me to Bloomingdale, Illinois for a special #NOWWellness Influencer event. I hope, through my experience, you’ll stop and think about which product you decide to buy. Maybe consider trying NOW Foods because they’re a brand that does care about what YOU consume. They do put their money where their mouths from the testing they do to the way they treat their employees and invest in science and technology for high quality natural products.

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More About NOW Foods to Come

I haven’t tried enough of their products to share with you my thoughts on what I love and what I highly recommend but I can tell you, I’m very excited to try several of their products (which I shared on Instagram). I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts over the next few weeks and months, including a special giveaway of NOW Foods, valued at over $500! Be sure to check back soon for all of the details!

In the meantime, connect with NOW Foods on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You can also locate a store near you for shopping, shop their online store or find a wide variety of their brands and products on

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