In my local community something is happening that makes me want to jump up, clap for joy and say, “thank goodness”! Children are being encouraged to get outside. Turn off the television and discover green grass, bugs, bond with the trees, smell the fresh air, run and get dirty. It’s an initiative that really shouldn’t have to take place but with television, computers, working parents and technology more children are inside verses exploring the great outdoors. Find out how to locally get involved or start an imitative near you call Getting Kids Outdoors.

The idea is to leave no child inside. I found many helpful tips for parents on a handout given to me at our local health fair and hopefully you can use some of these tips and join in the effort to get our kids off the couch and outside where the rain won’t hurt them and some mud could be fun for everyone!

Limit Screen Time. Designate how often the television can be turned on and stick to it. Avoid using it just for noise. I’m guilty at this. My children love to just have the television on but they’re not watching it. It wastes energy and it’s just noise.

No Structure. Just get wild and crazy and be spontaneous. See what happens when you don’t organize a game but just play. Will you go on a treasure hunt or perhaps race down a hill and then decide to roll? Just discover nature and what the free will of not having a structured activity does to you and the children.

Put Fear Aside. If you’re scared of the bugs and worms don’t push that fear onto your children. Let them touch the worms and find their own comfort level.

Indoor Toys Outside. Let the children paint outside at the easel, read a book in the grass, play ponies under a tree or dinosaurs on the play set.

Share. What did you do as a child? Did you stay up late and play flash light tag or build a fort out of sticks. Be a child again and share with your child what you loved most about childhood and playing outside.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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