I’m sure I’m not the only one that can’t believe it’s October already but the fact remains, it is. Fall is such a beautiful time of year and a fun time of year for kids and parents alike. It’s time to get out the sweaters, apple cider, and Halloween gear.

While Halloween is fun for kids and their families it’s also a very wasteful and toxic holiday. Did you know that the total amount spent on Halloween this year is expected to reach 5.8 billion dollars. That’s a lot of costumes, candy, and decorations which equates to a lot of waste. While I like the colors orange and black I’m hoping to reduce my waste and consumer spending by turning a brighter shade of green this holiday.

Some of my favorite green Halloween tips include:

1. Stay close to home this Halloween. Reduce your carbon footprint by increasing your workout and decreasing your time spent in the car by walking. We like to take our wagon with us in case my daughter gets tired and needs a break. Lighting is important too so don’t forget your windup or eco friendly flashlight. If it’s necessary to drive find a friend and car pool.

2. Eco-friendly attire. Not only are Halloween costumes and makeup expensive but many of them are toxic and wasteful. Why buy a costume then throw it out next year; check your local consignment shops, make your own, check out thredup (a costume/clothing swap site), shop on eBay or have your own swap and shop party. Need face paint, glitter, fake blood and more? Make your own with items from your pantry. Luckily my older sister passes down clothes/costumes from her daughter and my mother in law has several homemade costumes for me to pick from.

3. Make and give healthy snacks. I know kids love candy but believe it or not there are healthy/fun alternatives out there. Try handing out non-toxic tattoos, paper, stickers, pencils, erasers, or crayons. If candy is a must then try and buy locally made products or products with little packaging waste. I think handing out fun recipes for play dough, slime, and makeup is a great bonus too.

4. Reusable bags and party supplies. Considering the U.S. goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually and it takes 1000 years for polyethylene bags to break down choose reusable. You can use your reusable grocery bags, make your own buy purchasing products from your local craft store, or try products like kidzsak. If your going to throw your own party it‘s better to use reusable party supplies. Making your own decorations or reusing the same one‘s every year is a great and fun way to reduce waste.

For other great green Halloween tips you can check out the sites mentioned below. Have a safe and Green Halloween.

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