Does your phone ring with local charities or organizations asking for donations and support? Mine does. Most of the time I don’t have a ton of extra cash to give but I really do believe in giving back and supporting non-profits. I’ve spent over 10 years working for a non-profit organization; I know how every dollar counts.  This year, I want to encourage you to support the Environmental Working Group. I’ve written about this group before but with toxins, the environment, my children and not knowing what the heck to believe or not to believe, I need the EWG and so do you!

Why Support the Environmental Working Group

They research, expose and inform you about toxic chemicals and hidden contaminants in everything. Everything. They offer you solutions to help you make healthier choices; they don’t just scare you with the facts. Take for example their fight against bisphenol A (BPA) and how they helped to expose the risks associated with this chemical. BPA is found in baby bottles, water bottles, canned food and they’ve been fighting non-stop to make sure that BPA is banned from consumer products. This is just one example but for me, it’s a powerful example because I don’t want BPA in products I buy.

How Can You Support the Environmental Working Group

They won’t call and bug you but I will!  Just kidding. To make it easy the EWG has filled a 2008 “holiday pollution solution” gift bag with BPA-free goodies to keep you healthy and reduce waste and when you buy one of these bags for only $135 generous donor match this amount and the EWG gets $270 towards fighting for our safety and well-being.  Yay! Just visit the EWG donation page and do something good for someone else, yourself and a non-profit organization you can be proud to stand behind and support.

Donating to the Environmental Working Group is a GREAT INVESTMENT

When you donate, do you ever know that your money is being well spent? With the EWG you do because they pride their selves in stretching donations and dollars to the limit and money being used towards groundbreaking research and environmental change. With a Obama in office the EWG has even more opportunities in 2009 to push for the change we needed to protect our health and environment. This sends shivers up my spine.

Be cool on black Friday and give back, click here.

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